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Business Cards

Neqtr is an advancement in the way people network and share their information. You don’t need to hand out a physical business card anymore. Our app is disrupting the business card industry to help save you time and money!

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What is Neqtr

an indispensable tool for connecting

Connect efficiently and effectively 

when you share your Neqtr, you share an Opportunity
Download NEQTR on the App Store


an unlimited amount of custom digital business cards (We call them Neqtr)


your contact information, social media links, and for the first time ever- PDFs


with anyone in the world instantly, using the QR Code or custom Neqtr Link


and store the Neqtr you receive in a secure, accessible place


Working Towards a Sustainable Future

a future where humanity can harmonize its relationship with the planet


How much does Neqtr cost?

Zero. Nothing. We want to give you this powerful tool for FREE!

How can I share my Neqtr with other people?

With our App, you can give your business card (Neqtr) to anyone in the world via

  1. QR Code
  2. Link

What PDFs can I attach?

Attach any PDF you would like. Attach your Resume, Company Brochure, or any other document that helps you stand out! Right now, you are able to attach up to 3 PDFs with a Max File Size of 50MB

Can I give someone my Neqtr even if they don't have the App?

Of course! Share your Neqtr with anyone and everyone. Just have them scan your QR Code with their camera or send them your link!

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